Chris Faroe and his various ensembles have performed in almost every sort of venue imaginable and are committed to making each performance a historic event. 

For Private Event Booking:

1. Fill out the interest survey below, and you will receive personal correspondence to confirm date availability.

2. We will call or email you for a personal consultation during which we can discuss and confirm all event details. This includes choosing musical selections, event length, the type of ensemble you require**, a price quote, etc.

3. We will draft a contract to fit your event's unique needs. Upon return of your signed contract and deposit, your event is confirmed. You will receive a countersigned copy of the contract and receipt for your deposit.

4. We will be in touch as much as needed leading up to your event date to ensure flawless preparation for your event. Feel free to get in touch any time with questions!

5. On event day, Chris Faroe (and whichever ensemble has been decided upon) will arrive before the event begins to ensure a smooth setup in collaboration with you and/or your event-coordinator.

Chris Faroe and his ensembles have performed hundreds of times at concerts, parties, weddings, promotional events, festivals and celebrations of all kinds.  Whether your event is in a garden, historic mansion, college auditorium, museum, church, restaurant, or private home, we will work with you to make it remarkable.

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**Choose an ensemble that fits your needs in almost any combination of the following, amplified or unamplified:

Chris Faroe: acoustic/electric guitar, vocals, loop pedal electronics.

Available accompanists: additional guitarists in all styles, vocalists, piano/keyboard, violin, cello, trumpet, harp, drums/percussion, upright/electric bass, banjo, mandolin, clarinet, oboe, and more.